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  • Sunrise PC Support is apprising about video scam alerts that happen online. Such scams are usually carried out on social networking websites where large number of users connect with others having similar interests. Though in some cases the video URL’s were registered being circulated using several e-mail services, still social networking services remain a bigger scope for such scams exposing hundreds of thousands of victims at one go.

    Sunrise PC Support helps users in understanding the work mechanism of these scams, so that users can avoid falling victim. Online video scams are operated on social networking websites through fake video URLs, which in actual don’t even exist. Scammers simply post attractive links on targeted users status updates. When users click on those links they are redirected towards pages having similar default postings or long going surveys. Such scams are just like malware trying to fool users for giving their personal information.

    Sunrise PC Support advices users not to click on unsought links. Providing any kind of personal information on such surveys is also denied. Doing so will only end up in downloading malware on your computer system and turning things uncontrollable. Some malicious programs injected through these fake scams are Key-logger & other similar ones for stealing your personal information.

    For preventing yourselves being victims it’s always necessary to safeguard one by never clicking on unsolicited links, regardless of how interesting the subject is. Stay safe and updated with Sunrise PC Support’s Scam Alerts. Read More….