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  • Mystery Shopping Providers make use of a tool referred as Mystery shopper for measuring the quality of provided retail searches by users. This analysis helps in gathering information about specific products and services. Such job is a kind of scam, where scammers manipulate users in paying some sort of amount on accordance of availing special opportunities and being a mystery shopper.

    Such scams are usually been targeted for users that love to shop more and more. In this way, their activities easily become a way for scammers trying to lure them and grab money. In this type of scam, scammers initiate phony advertisements or e-mails to recruit mystery shoppers. Such e-mails or advertisements may initially lure users towards their beloved goods. As soon as a victim responds back to such e-mails and contacts for getting out more details about the offer, scammers ask them to purchase items from different stores or dine-in at various restaurants ending up in recording overall experiences. While ending up doing all these jobs the victim thereafter receives a packet from the fake company notifying about the employment. The packet usually encloses some legitimate looking documents, training assignments and a cheque claiming higher amount making the entire seen look pretty much authentic.

    The cheque significantly declares to cover the shopping fees, shoppers’ payment and some added money. In the meanwhile victim is supposed to transfer back the cheque to the company immediately for several evaluations. In this way the victim is hit hard, initially while paying the payment back to the company from his/her own pocket and secondly when he/she has to shop things from stores assuming the amount would be reverted back as soon as the cheque gets cleared. By the time victim realizes that the cheque was a fake one, it’s too late and the victim has already emptied his/her pockets doing payment towards the company and on shopping.

    What Sunrise PC Support advices you as a user:-

    - Beware! Genuine companies will never advertise jobs for shoppers via channels like radios, classified columns, newspapers etc.

    - Before applying for any such job it’s advisable to check and validate the details provided for contact person.

    - Demanding charges on accordance of application filling is a thing that genuine companies will never do.

    - Note that any legitimate company would never dispatch a cheque to the appointed person before even completing the assignment.

    - Most fake companies will claim to be located in country other than yours, so that the verification thing becomes harder.

    Remember a simple research on your own end can save you from being the next victim. Keep your eyes and ears open for such scams happening around your premises. Read More…