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  • Sunrise PC Support alerts users about existing scams and their impacts on our online presence. Today’s user searches enough for getting discount and offer’s on everything they need. In this rush, they get indulged in downloading fake and unlicensed software programs, just for small discounts and attractive hoaxes online. Reported analysis shows that such pirated software’s are best targeted with the concept of lowering prices, to attract more and more consumers.

    Downloading and installing such software’s for saving few bucks may provide remote access of victim’s system to scammers. Scammers are earning huge money amounts from these scams. Spoofing users into downloading fake software’s is not the main part of these scams. The actual threat is hidden beyond the normal vision, where the fake software program secretly injects another malware program in the installation queue without providing any acknowledgement to user.

    Once the software is installed hackers can remotely access all sort of information stored on the computer as well as the one provided online. Getting robbed for money is not the single part of such scams; users may also lose their other personal details and information leading towards long-term misconceptions.

    Ever seen Ads selling branded software’s for negligible amounts? Got hooked with the huge discount amount? This strategy is also a part of online software scam where scammers attract customers with low priced branded software’s.  In actual such software’s are known as OEM i.e. Original Equipment Manufacturer software. Well selling OEM software alone is illegal. Thus Ads selling OEM software’s probably ought to cheat you.

    Sunrise PC Support advices users for being cautious about dealing with such scams and not to download software’s from unknown resources. Rather purchasing branded software from legitimate manufacturers or reputed sources may prevent users from being caught as victims of such scams. Read More…